Symbrium is a woman owned engineering and software development company headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina.  The company is led by seasoned executives having deep financial background and several decades of experience in powertrain product engineering, R&D laboratory management and manufacturing at all levels.

The Powertrain Technology Group designs and builds equipment for aerospace, automotive, all-terrain vehicle and marine powertrain companies. Most of our equipment goes into high-tech manufacturing plants or R&D labs for engines (piston and turbo-jet), transmissions (automotive and other types of vehicles and equipment), high-speed high-power gearboxes for helicopter, turbo-machinery and powertrain testing, and precision machined parts that are used in powertrain products.  Our main love is test systems: Building equipment that tests a jet engine before it is installed into an aircraft. Or a building a system that spins gears up to 50,000 RPM under load to optimize micron level tooth geometry. These testing systems run the gamut from table top units to dynamometer drivelines nearly a city block long. For large jet engine test systems or vehicle dynamometer systems, we mostly do the driveline (the parts that spin and apply loads) as well as the software and controls working with other specialists that architect and construct the larger test facilities, wind tunnels and utility feeds.

We also design and build automated gauges that measure precision machined parts like pistons, shafts or gears to micron level accuracy before they are assembled into high-value systems such as an engines or transmissions. Process verification systems that make certain a manufactured part was properly assembled or correctly treated are also a specialty.  We pride ourselves in approaching mature problems with disruptive technologies that enable extreme flexibility, low cycle times, unprecedented part and process information and ultra-precise accuracy and repeatability.

The Testing and Services Group provides gear material testing for pitting, wear and bending fatigue on specimens of all sizes ranging from fine pitch metal and plastic gearing to high power density gears made from exotic alloy steels at elevated temperatures under controlled lubrication environments using our own next generation purpose built equipment.  Symbrium can also create ad hoc test setups using dynamometers, gearboxes, and specialized driveline elements such as inertial flywheels, and high speed shafting and couplings on a case by case basis.  Testing services range from running standard material testing protocols to designing and executing tests requiring highly specialized dynamic measurements with advanced data acquisition and digital signal processing capabilities. Symbrium can supply precision test articles such as gears, rotors, sprockets, sheaves, and rollers as well as design and produce complex test fixtures and reaction gearboxes using in-house CNC equipment to accommodate almost any transmission or geared system testing protocol.  Full dimensional and metallurgical analysis services are available to support failure analysis.

The Factory Systems Quality Management Group is an industrial software company that has served manufacturing operations of all kinds and sizes for nearly four decades.  Factory Systems™ provides Statistical Process Control (SPC) software, rugged factory floor workstations, Enterprise Quality Data Management Systems, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, Operational Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) systems, ANDON systems, Process Monitoring systems, Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions, Part ID and Tracking systems and other pre-packaged and custom software tools to manufacturing and product testing operations worldwide.