Dimensional Gauging

Symbrium supplies all sorts of dimensional gauging solutions that provide real-time process and part quality data.

Manual Gauging Solutions

Our Factory Systems Group works with several metrology partners to provide electronic measurement tools compatible with our FS Works software enabling SPC and other advanced analysis using wired and wireless technology.  Probes, Air Gauges, Precision Weigh Scales, sensors of all types can be integrated. Complementary software solutions allow monitoring of both part quality and manufacturing processes either locally at the inspection cell or remotely from any global location. We also provide calibration masters, automated electronic work instruction displays and many other ancillary items.

  • Handheld Gauges
  • Manual Bench Gauges
  • Calibration Masters

Semi-Automated Gauging Stations

Our Powertrain Technology Group develops gauging stations for production audits, SPC and machine set up.  From focused gauges that are designed and tooled to inspect a single part or small family of parts to highly flexible gauging systems that are automatically configured based on part ID information that can inspect hundreds of different parts produced by a manufacturing plant.

Fully Automated In-Line Gauging Cells

PTG also provides fully automated in-line gauging cells that provide 100% part inspection to support high volume production. These cells are integrated into a production line and communicate with the conveyance system and other manufacturing stations.  Data is displayed locally and relayed to enterprise data management and ANDON systems.  Advanced software provides automated process correction data to up-stream manufacturing cells to account for tool wear or alerts for tool breakage or other necessary adjustments .

Gauging Solutions are available for all sorts of components such as

  • Shafts
  • Gears
  • Bearings
  • Pistons
  • Turbochargers
  • Blocks and Heads
  • Gearbox Housings

The Symbrium Advantage

Symbrium Gauging Solutions are second to none.  Proven contact and non-contact measurement technologies are employed based on physical part geometry, dimensional characteristics, and accuracy.  Servo-based motion control, encoder based data acquisition and advanced signal processing are employed to achieve high repeatability process control data, low cycle time and provide process diagnostic information that is not possible using traditional methods.

The end result is easy to use, easy to maintain, rugged plant floor equipment that provides extremely accurate part and process information with incredible reliability.