Enterprise Data Management

Our Factory Systems™  group is a full service industrial software and metrology company that has served manufacturing and product testing operations worldwide for nearly four decades.

We provide a full range of pre-packaged and custom data collection, data analysis and data visibility software solutions to monitor and control process quality and production throughput while ensuring compliance to standards.

We also design and manufacture industrial work stations, control devices and gauges to facilitate plant floor implementation.


Plant Floor Data Acquisition & SPC

Our CimStat™ and FSWorks™ ruggedized work stations and production hardened software is used in manufacturing operations of all kinds and sizes. Data can be harvested in a variety of ways ranging from manual entry to electronic transducers to automated interfaces with CMMs, CNCs and PLCs.

Our SPC (Statistical Process Control) software is second to none and is used by several Fortune 500 companies to control critical manufacturing operations.

We also provide wireless technology, electronic measurement probes and signal conditioners, and turn-key dimensional gauging solutions.


Enterprise Data Analysis and Visibility

Our FS.Net™ suite of applications are used to mine quality and production data collected from FSWorks™ and other systems. Data archival, retrieval, analysis, and reporting are just a few of the many features offered.


Electronic Work Instructions & Routers

FS.Net™ can also manage and display controlled process routing documents and work instructions at the work cell in order to ensure compliance with ISO Quality Systems.

OEE – Operational Equipment Effectiveness

Our comprehensive FS.OEE™ software enables manufacturing operations to identify issues and perform root cause analysis to improve processes by computing meaningful Availability, Performance and Quality metrics from a wide variety of data sources.



Our FS.Monitor™ module collects and displays production data at the machine, cell, line and factory level.  Other features include quality alerts, maintenance calls and messaging.


Process Feedback

FS.Comp™ uses sophisticated trend analysis algorithms to detect tool wear and provide compensation settings that can be applied automatically or manually to upstream machining operations to ensure process control and eliminate scrap or rework.


Tracking and Traceability

Our FS.Track™ module records comprehensive information on high value  parts including such things as material lot, machine ID, tool number, process data, quality data, mating part information, and so on. These data can be used for process optimization and to limit spills.

Custom Software and Hardware Solutions

Factory Systems™  routinely develops turn-key solutions for custom data collection, automation and inspection applications.


The Symbrium Advantage

Factory Systems™ was a pioneer in developing PC based systems for the collection and analysis of production and quality data directly from the factory floor as early as 1981.  More than 35 years later, we continue our tradition of leadership in collecting manufacturing intelligence data and providing process performance tools serving a loyal customer base who depend on Symbrium to keep their factories running.   Learn More