Manufacturing Process Verification

Symbrium is an innovator of advanced process verification systems for precision powertrain and driveline assemblies that support high volume manufacturing and assembly processes.


All kinds of systems are available.

  • Gear and Gearbox Transmission Error
  • Drive Shaft Joint Articulation Torque
  • Torque to Turn of Engine and Transmission Systems
  • Engine Balancer System NVH
  • Turbocharger Balance Testers
  • Grease and Oil Fill Verification
  • Leak Testers

Measurement Technologies

Most process verification systems are built around one or more sensors that need to measure a critical performance characteristic of the assembly – many times requiring extreme sensitivity while measuring in a low signal to noise ratio environment.  The sensor technology employed depends upon the functionality of the system and the process being audited.

  • Rotary Motion
  • Torque
  • Force and Moment
  • Mass Flow
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Vision
  • Optical Displacement
  • Vibration and Acoustic Sensors

The Symbrium Advantage

The key to a well designed process verification system is having a deep understanding or how the assembly being tested actually works. Testing strategies are then developed around emulation of the environment that the assembly is subjected to without impacting the functionality of the assembly during part holding and articulation. This often requires unique fixturing designs, precision motion control, and exotic sensor technology combined with advanced data acquisition and digital signal processing.

The end result is easy to use, easy to maintain, rugged plant floor equipment that provides extremely accurate process information with incredible reliability.