Special Measurement Systems

Symbrium stays abreast of the latest transducer and sensor technology so that we can provide optimum testing and measurement solutions to our clients.  We work with several strategic partners who are technology leaders in our areas of interest. There are times when a new type of sensor or a custom signal conditioning or data acquisition system must be developed to solve a particularly challenging problem.

Symbrium routinely designs and manufactures its own micro-processor based printed circuit boards and custom electronics when off-the-shelf devices are not commercially available to perform specialized functions required by our client applications.  We also produce special transducers used to measure transmission error of gears at high speeds.

Gear Transmission Error Measurement

Symbrium is the world leader in Transmission Error Measurement Systems under both low speed and high speed loaded conditions.  The founder of Symbrium has been perfecting TE measurement technology for more than 40 years resulting in our latest incarnations of TEMS that can be integrated into existing machine tools and test stands.

TEMS Basic uses signals from commercially available optical encoders to process Manufacturing Transmission Error at gear mesh frequencies up to 1,000 Hz.  The maximum shaft speed is determined by the number of gear teeth and the type of encoders used.  This low cost system is implemented using a PCI card that is connected to an external processing box that receives encoder data.

TEMS Ultra is a high performance encoder based TE measurement system using a Symbrium designed 200 GHz 32 Bit processing unit.  The maximum speed is limited by the maximum allowable operating speed of the shaft mounted encoders.  This system is available as a DIN rail mounted box that can be mounted inside a machine control cabinet.  TE metrics and raw data are available to PLC or PC via ethernet.

TEMS Dynamic utilizes custom accelerometer transducers integrated into a test gearbox allowing Dynamic Transmission Error to be measured to sub-micron resolution at speeds up to 30,000 shaft RPM.  These systems have been used by researchers to conduct ground breaking gear dynamics and gear noise research.  Symbrium only provides this technology on machines that we have purpose designed and built for high speed DTE measurement.

Modular Signal Conditioning

Symbrium also supplies its own line of modular signal conditioning devices that are used mostly by our Factory Systems Group for plant floor data collection. The impetus behind these developments was to support legacy measurement transducers such as LVDT probes at an affordable per channel cost.

The Symbrium Advantage

Whatever your powertrain related test or measurement requirement, Symbrium will most likely be able to help by integrating proven commercially available off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies into a working system or by rolling up our sleeves and developing a custom gadget needed to perform a highly specialized function.